Poker Tips for Beginners

sovety po pokeru dlya nachinayushhih

It can be a little intimidating when you first enter a poker game, which is why we've put together 5 helpful tips for newbies to online poker, and all seasoned players can even learn a thing or two!

Don't play every hand - although you want to start, it doesn't make sense to play every hand just for that, instead of waiting until you get a big hand!

Bluff is gentle - it can be tempting, but try not to bluff with every hand as your opponents will soon catch on to you and this could be the end of your game!

Don't know when to fold - don't just stay in your hand because you've put enough chips down. If you're not going anywhere, it's best to take a hit and wait for your next good hand.

Pick the right game - this relates to your skill level as well as the amount of money you can afford to play with. Don't jump into a high-ranked game after you've had some good wins at the bottom of the game. Because you will discover as the stakes go up, so will the skill and experience of the players!

Lay Off the Beers - When playing online poker, it can be tempting to crack open multiple beers as you play. Be careful, you don't have too many of them as it will affect your judgment and before you know it, you call all night and suddenly you run out of chips!

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